Of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…

A Tribute to Manny Galera, 1935-2005

I experienced the difficulty of loss YESTERDAY,
While reflections of happy memories kept coming my way.
How hard I thought was TODAY’S “Letting Go…”
As a voice in me kept repeating… “No, No, No…”
With Prayers and Thanksgiving came Joy and Gladness,
And not wanting to live with memories in Sadness.
The Love of Family and many friends who cared,
And the “Don’t Have Pity Parties” of a Mentor shared,
Encouraged me to move forward to a brighter… TOMORROW,
Knowing that life experiences should NOT be a living Sorrow.

Written by Rose Galera, July, 18, 2006

A Jelly Bean Prayer for You

White is for his heart, so pure…
Red for his love, and all he did endure.
Blue is for our sins and his promise of forgiving,
Green for all the joys and happiness in living.

Yellow is for the sun that shines so very bright,
Orange for the prayers said each night,
Purple is for his lonely hour of sorrow,
And pink is for a new day, in tomorrow

This bunch of jelly beans
colorful and bright,
Sends for you a prayer and a promise
Of special times made right.

Anonymous (One of Rose’s favorite collection prayer/poem)

A Recipe for Happiness

Combine an overwhelming amount of Love and Cheerfulness in a bowl. Add a large pinch of acceptance and a dash of forgiveness. Stir in equal parts of Hugs and Laughter. Pour your Heart into it and mix until all lumps have been smoothed out. Sprinkle with Faith and Hope accordingly. Simmer with a lifetime of prayers.

“Make Life Easier and Make Life Happier”
In making life easier, to make Life Happier, application of positudinal essentials has to take place.

E ffort = H onesty
A ction = A ppreciation
S implicity = P ositiveness
I nterest = P atience
E nergy = I ntegrity
R espect = E nthusiasm
= R adiance

By Rose Galera, 2008

The Golden Rule for Leaders / Managers

Lead and Manage Others
As You Would Have
Others Lead and Manage You.

Manage Wrong and Not Be Fair,
You Will Create Problems Galore.
Manage Right With “TL Care,”
Yours Will Be Happy Days and More.

Written by Rose Galera, 7/98


Heavenly Father,
I’m blessed with knowledge,
so will YOU show me now,
How to use it wisely
and find a way somehow,

To make this world I live in
a happier and better place,
And make life with its problems
a little easier to face.

Grant me faith and courage
and put purpose in my days,
And show me how to serve YOU
in smart effective ways.

So that my education,
my knowledge and my skill,
May find their true fulfillment
as I learn to do YOUR will.

And may I always be aware
in everything I do,
as knowledge comes from learning,
and wisdom comes from YOU.


Anonymous (One of Rose’s favorite poems)

Aloha of the Best and Only Kine, Part II

“Welcome and Aloha” to passengers each said,
“I’ll show you to your cabin, that’s ready and made,
This is the Aloha Deck, and the Pursers Station’s here
With all its finest features and safety life vest near.”

With the Greeting Process in high gear
A split of the Attendants were made without fear,
For the night turn down services still to be done
This cabin VIP task was completed, one by one

Embarkation continued to the dinner hour
With Spirits high and all looking fresh as a flower,
On this hectic, long and busy Day,
Yes, soon this Ship will sail on its merry way

One last event to finally take place
And prepare to be ready in any case,
As the Cabin Attendant’s all, must still…
Be there for the important Life Boat Drill.

An interesting, exciting and rewarding day
Saw how Cruise Ship Cabin Attendants do it their way
My Experience and Assessment, boggled my mind,
Witnessing a successful Celebration on
“Aloha of the Best and Only Kine”

Written by Rose Galera, 2000. This poem was written as a result of spending a day in port with the Housekeeping Department of the American Hawaii Cruises in 1999. A tribute to Cruise Ship Housekeeping Cabin Attendants in Hawaii.

Aloha of the Best and Only Kine, Part I

It started as a beautiful, sunny day
I was anxiously ready, happy and gay
With high anticipation of the job at hand,
The big ship was boarded, docked near land.

A training assessment, I was anxious to do,
As I walked the gangplank with a skip or two,
Of a typical Housekeeping review, I thought
When a glimpse of a white uniform, I caught.

On the “Aloha” deck, was my first start,
Greeted by an E.H., looking fresh and sharp
Admist disembarkation in full swing
Brought feelings of many a good thing.

A view of the cabins, with features mentioned,
By a Team presentation in full session,
With check-out cleaning actively taking place
Of friendly Attendants, leading the pace.

In narrow hallways to Housekeeping we sped
With preciseness and quickness, instructions were fed,
In a quick orientation and briefing this day
By an enthusiastic EH, leading the way

Time for lunch followed, then the 1:00 pm call
Of Cabin Attendants, Bell Men, the EH and All
Direct to the “Aloha” Deck where all must meet
For Embarkation time and Passengers to greet

To provide an experience and all the while…
In full uniform, Kukui nut leis and smiles,
All Cabin Attendants stood tall, while in line
To Celebrate “Aloha of the Best and Only Kine.”

A Clean Talk Song

(To the Tune of the Coca-Cola Song)

I’d like to teach each child to clean
In perfect harmony.
I’d like to see each home aglow

Be spotless and germ free.

I’d like to see that all our homes
Sparkle, gleam and shine
If every child would do his part
We’d shine in record time

To teach each child to clean
Will do us no wrong
So let’s work along
To fulfill this dream

The next thing that we know we’d have
Our homes all spic and span
We’d show our friends and family,
We’re the cleanest in the land

I’ve told you how each child could make
Our homes all shine and glow
If you agree then go and see
How we have made it so.

Let’s sing this cheerful little song
Though funny it may seem
Will help to make our dream of long

To have each child think clean

Refreshed by Rose Galera (Clean Talk for Kids), Dedicated to Hawaii High School Students

Beatitudes of Housekeepers

HAPPY are Housekeepers who have a well-informed progressive Manager, for together, they shall see things accomplished.

HAPPY are Housekeepers who have well-organized and well informed Supervisors for together all shall achieve better results.

HAPPY are Housekeepers who have learned the secret of effective communication with Management, fellow employees, guests and the community for she/he shall find the perfect team approach.

HAPPY are Housekeepers who have a modern and well organized physical plant and equipments, for all shall find their work more enjoyable, effective and productive.

HAPPY are Housekeepers who have a framework of sound policies and procedures within which all will work to give the ultimate in service to guests, for with this, there shall be fewer complaints.

HAPPY are Housekeepers who will have a flexible, work-a-day plan, for all will be ready to meet any emergencies.

HAPPY are Housekeepers who are appreciated, acknowledged and recognized for daily work that is produced for the good of guests, property and self.

HAPPY are Housekeepers who are wished a Blessed and Happy International Housekeepers Week in 2008, for all will be thankful for all that is Good.

Happy Housekeepers Week to All

A Living Rose

As a Living Rose, I’m sometimes misunderstood,
All I want to be and do in life is only what is good,
As a living Rose, I wish only to care and love,
With blessings received from God above.
Unlike the flowered rose with its hurtful thorn
Tender care I’ll show with prayers said each morn,
Unlike the flowered rose that wilts and dies,
With thankfulness in time, I’ll bid my last goodbyes.

Cherish this Living Rose that you know,
A true Friend who will always show,
The best of what and who you are,
Whether with you, near you or afar.
Trust this Living Rose, you’ll never be sorry,
You’ll have no fears and nothing to worry.
For with this special written prose,
Is a promise of a thorn-less,
Caring and Loving, Living Rose.