A Recipe for Happiness

Combine an overwhelming amount of Love and Cheerfulness in a bowl. Add a large pinch of acceptance and a dash of forgiveness. Stir in equal parts of Hugs and Laughter. Pour your Heart into it and mix until all lumps have been smoothed out. Sprinkle with Faith and Hope accordingly. Simmer with a lifetime of prayers.

“Make Life Easier and Make Life Happier”
In making life easier, to make Life Happier, application of positudinal essentials has to take place.

E ffort = H onesty
A ction = A ppreciation
S implicity = P ositiveness
I nterest = P atience
E nergy = I ntegrity
R espect = E nthusiasm
= R adiance

By Rose Galera, 2008

Posted in Prose by Rose.

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