Rose Galera, C.E.H.Rose Galera is former corporate executive housekeeper and today’s outsource cleaning specialist, with more than 50 years of professional cleaning expertise in the hospitality, commercial, business offices, retail, education, retirement and health-care facilities and construction cleaning arena.

Her company, Clean Plus Systems II (CPS II), strives to be a force and movement in a new direction and dimension to professional cleaning success globally and the designing of pathways to cleaning management action:

• In Excellence, Quality and Value
• In Performance and Productivity
• In Training, Education and Resource Services, and
• In Consulting Principles, Concepts and Processes.

As a Cleaning Specialist and Veteran in the diverse field of Professional Cleaning, Rose who believes in continuous education on environmental, cleaning and management trends & technology of the profession has 50 plus years of experience and expertise in the hospitality, commercial, retail, education, medical offices, residential and construction cleaning arena. She is and has been Certified for 36 years by the International Executive Housekeepers Association and has instructed IEHA Certified Cleaning Management and Technical courses for the Community Colleges, OCET Programs and at DOE High Schools on Food Sanitation and Hospitality Housekeeping.

She writes a bi-monthly “Clean Talk with Rose” article for the Hawaii Hospitality Magazine. She is acknowledged in the Cleaning Books; “Construction Cleanup” and “No Time To Clean” by Author, Don Aslett. Rose is also a trained and a former Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

The CPS II Philosophy:
In today’s competitive market and rapidly changing environment, the professional cleaning industry demands operational efficiency. The successful planning and management of cleaning operations impacts greatly on quality, service, productivity, performance and the ever-important “bottom line.” Traditional, conventional and antiquated processes and systems are costing companies time,
equipment and dollars. To maximize resources, sharpen the competitive edge and boost profits, CPS II will provide pathways and forward movement to leverage existing strengths, make choices to best serve the future and provide a blueprint for cleaning success.