"TECS" – The Efficiency Cleaning System

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“TECS” – The Efficiency Cleaning System
A Teaming Approach to Cleaning

TECS, The Efficiency Cleaning System, is today’s and tomorrow’s revolutionary and innovative cleaning technology. It is a cleaning system that should not be overlooked, for it can substantially reduce labor and equipment costs and impact productivity, quality, service, and integrity.

Organizations must be lean, strategically focused and cost effective to survive in the future. Because of the economic downturn competition is fierce, employees, systems and technologies must perform at higher levels. Team Cleaning represents a most cost effective system in building services and management It is considered to be a key cleaning strategy of the future.

Team Cleaning is a simplified system, requiring less training. TECS differs from the conventional zone or area cleaning, where an individual who works alone is responsible for all of the tasks to be performed. TECS will identify individuals as Image Specialists, who are responsible for specific team tasks and duties within given rooms or area. A cleaning system that promotes teamwork and morale while insures for work accountability.

Advantages of Team Cleaning
• Improves performance, productivity and quality.
• Requires fewer equipments & Supplies.
• Reduces cleaning time with faster turn-around time.
• Requires less to no Supervision time. Team empowerment.
• Reduces project cleaning requirements.
• Training less complicated. Focuses on CLONE Training.
• Allows for flexibility in scheduling of work.
• Increases safety and security for all, client and workers.
• Improves the IAQ – indoor air quality.
While the cleaning concept of Team Cleaning offers numerous opportunities and benefits, it will require definite understanding, acceptance, commitment and a CHANGE in philosophy by all who will be involved with the system’s process.

“Be a quick change agent … Learn new cleaning technologies and develop new work habits for a radically changing world.” — Price Pritchett

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