A Pail Full of Training Flash Drive


Introducing a Hi-Tech resource and information tool loaded with a series of interesting and educational collection of mini-training topics, to enhance the Administration, Management and Technology Cleaning knowledge. A LEARNING, KNOWLEDGE BUILDING and MENTORING training tool packed with information to assist in effectively improving employee Morale, Productivity and Performance.

A training tool that is SMART & Fun! A special collection of practical and required informational topics, including specially developed cleaning games and exercises, to enhance the learning process. It will provide important, essential and creative training for those in the Professional Cleaning Field. From the Flash Drive, DOWNLOAD the information to your Lap Top, Note Book, Smart / iPhone and/or desk computer. Enjoy and enhance the processes of e-Learning, E-TRAINING and MENTORING.

Keep in mind also that, “The Great Aim Of Education Is Not Knowledge, But Action.” Take ACTION TODAY and help others become the best that they can be in the Science and Art of Cleaning, with “A PAIL FULL OF TRAINING.”

Loaded on a 8 GB Flash Drive, “A PAIL FULL OF TRAINING” can now be a part of your High Tech library. It has been developed to assist Housekeeping Managers simplify and enhance their training programs. In an industry where training is often overlooked and/or placed on a lower priority, because of time and cost, “A Pail Full Of Training ” is your answer. Supervisors will find it most helpful in the reading and learning process for training and in making presentations. Supervisors should be familiar with the many and various Interesting topics. After all, KNOWLEDGE and TRAINING are attributes of successful LEADERSHIP.



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