Cleaning is an Art and a Science

The cleaning industry generates billions in annual revenues in the United States alone and ranks as one of the world’s big 10 businesses. It’s also nearly recession proof, due to the nature of cleaning as an essential and necessary part of daily life.

Cleaning for Health: The Built Environment

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That because facility safety is paramount, daily housekeeping using traditional cleaning methods does not cut it anymore. New systems and advanced technologies are needed to face new MICROBIAL invaders.

About Clean Plus Systems II

Clean Plus Systems II strives to be a force and movement in a new direction and dimension to professional cleaning success globally and the designing of pathways to cleaning management action...
  • In Excellence, Quality and Value
  • In Performance and Productivity
  • In Housekeeping Training, Education and Resource Services
  • In Consulting Principals, Concepts and Processes

The Clean Plus Systems II Philosophy

In today’s competitive market and rapid changing environment the professional cleaning industry demands for Operational Efficiency. The successful planning and management of cleaning operation impacts greatly on quality, service, productivity, performance and the ever important “bottom line.” Traditional, conventional and antiquated processes and systems are costing companies time, equipment and dollars. To maximize resources, sharpen the competitive edge and boost profits, CPS II will provide pathways and forward movement to leverage existing strengths, make choices to best serve the future and provide a Blueprint for Cleaning Success. Clean Plus Systems II is committed to training in “Cleaning For Health and Safety” and...
  • Building Excellence in professional cleaning.
  • Meeting the needs of Cleaning Professionals.
  • To identifying opportunities for Professional cleaning growth.
  • Provide enriching services for Achieving Excellence.

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"Learning is never an end product. It's a continuous process."

"Knowledge knows no boundaries."