Aloha of the Best and Only Kine, Part I

It started as a beautiful, sunny day
I was anxiously ready, happy and gay
With high anticipation of the job at hand,
The big ship was boarded, docked near land.

A training assessment, I was anxious to do,
As I walked the gangplank with a skip or two,
Of a typical Housekeeping review, I thought
When a glimpse of a white uniform, I caught.

On the “Aloha” deck, was my first start,
Greeted by an E.H., looking fresh and sharp
Admist disembarkation in full swing
Brought feelings of many a good thing.

A view of the cabins, with features mentioned,
By a Team presentation in full session,
With check-out cleaning actively taking place
Of friendly Attendants, leading the pace.

In narrow hallways to Housekeeping we sped
With preciseness and quickness, instructions were fed,
In a quick orientation and briefing this day
By an enthusiastic EH, leading the way

Time for lunch followed, then the 1:00 pm call
Of Cabin Attendants, Bell Men, the EH and All
Direct to the “Aloha” Deck where all must meet
For Embarkation time and Passengers to greet

To provide an experience and all the while…
In full uniform, Kukui nut leis and smiles,
All Cabin Attendants stood tall, while in line
To Celebrate “Aloha of the Best and Only Kine.”

Posted in Prose by Rose.

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