Aloha of the Best and Only Kine, Part II

“Welcome and Aloha” to passengers each said,
“I’ll show you to your cabin, that’s ready and made,
This is the Aloha Deck, and the Pursers Station’s here
With all its finest features and safety life vest near.”

With the Greeting Process in high gear
A split of the Attendants were made without fear,
For the night turn down services still to be done
This cabin VIP task was completed, one by one

Embarkation continued to the dinner hour
With Spirits high and all looking fresh as a flower,
On this hectic, long and busy Day,
Yes, soon this Ship will sail on its merry way

One last event to finally take place
And prepare to be ready in any case,
As the Cabin Attendant’s all, must still…
Be there for the important Life Boat Drill.

An interesting, exciting and rewarding day
Saw how Cruise Ship Cabin Attendants do it their way
My Experience and Assessment, boggled my mind,
Witnessing a successful Celebration on
“Aloha of the Best and Only Kine”

Written by Rose Galera, 2000. This poem was written as a result of spending a day in port with the Housekeeping Department of the American Hawaii Cruises in 1999. A tribute to Cruise Ship Housekeeping Cabin Attendants in Hawaii.

Posted in Prose by Rose.

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