A Clean Talk Song

(To the Tune of the Coca-Cola Song)

I’d like to teach each child to clean
In perfect harmony.
I’d like to see each home aglow

Be spotless and germ free.

I’d like to see that all our homes
Sparkle, gleam and shine
If every child would do his part
We’d shine in record time

To teach each child to clean
Will do us no wrong
So let’s work along
To fulfill this dream

The next thing that we know we’d have
Our homes all spic and span
We’d show our friends and family,
We’re the cleanest in the land

I’ve told you how each child could make
Our homes all shine and glow
If you agree then go and see
How we have made it so.

Let’s sing this cheerful little song
Though funny it may seem
Will help to make our dream of long

To have each child think clean

Refreshed by Rose Galera (Clean Talk for Kids), Dedicated to Hawaii High School Students

Posted in Prose by Rose.

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