A Living Rose

As a Living Rose, I’m sometimes misunderstood,
All I want to be and do in life is only what is good,
As a living Rose, I wish only to care and love,
With blessings received from God above.
Unlike the flowered rose with its hurtful thorn
Tender care I’ll show with prayers said each morn,
Unlike the flowered rose that wilts and dies,
With thankfulness in time, I’ll bid my last goodbyes.

Cherish this Living Rose that you know,
A true Friend who will always show,
The best of what and who you are,
Whether with you, near you or afar.
Trust this Living Rose, you’ll never be sorry,
You’ll have no fears and nothing to worry.
For with this special written prose,
Is a promise of a thorn-less,
Caring and Loving, Living Rose.

Posted in Prose by Rose.

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