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Clean Talk with Rose
By Rose Galera, CEH
Hawaii Hospitality Magazine, May/June 2010

Aloha Rose,
At a 2007 IEHA (International Executive Housekeepers Association) education program, you introduced a tool that electrically charges water into a cleaning solution that kills germs. Do you have updates on both topics to assist on green cleaning?
Mahalo, Leo

Aloha Leo,
The Professional Cleaning Institute of Hawaii (PCIH) in March 2010 sponsored two green cleaning seminars on “Solving the Green Cleaning Puzzle” by Green Guru Stephen Ashkin. Specific to hotels, the following green goals were shared.

1) Understand concepts of sustainability and green cleaning, that the goal of green is to reduce health and environmental impacts on people and the environment.

2) That caring for the building, the people and the environment is an act of stewardship, a core tenet of green cleaning.

3) Form a green team to include the: general manager, housekeeping, restaurant, laundry, front desk, sales and marketing, engineering, recycling coordinator, vendors and others.

4) Conduct baseline surveys and analyze data on: chemicals, paper, general conditions, building exterior, entryways, liners, equipment, storage areas, procedures, other products, waste management, recycling and pest management.

5) Understand the practical application of sustainability and the triple bottom line.

The tool you mentioned has been improved. The new IONATOR EXP kills H1N1 without the use of toxic chemicals. It cleans, leaves no chemical residue and eliminates the H1N1 influenza A virus in seconds. It performs as good as or better than traditional general-purpose chemicals at cleaning.

Good Luck!
Mahalo, Rose Galera, CEH

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