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Clean Talk with Rose
By Rose Galera, CEH
Hawaii Hospitality Magazine, Jan/Feb 2010

Hi Rose,
What should cleaning professionals consider important in cleaning for health and cleaning as a science?
Mahalo, Miko

Aloha Miko,
Many cleaning professionals will agree that the most important tool is the cleaning cloth. Yet, why do many still call it a “rag”?

The dictionary defines cloth as “a piece of fabric used for a specific purpose.” It defines rag as “a worthless piece of cloth.”

A professional cleaning cloth should by no means be considered worthless. This valuable tool should rightfully be called a “professional cleaning cloth.” One in good condition will reduce cleaning time and improve the cleaning process dramatically. Edges should be hemmed, and the best sizes generally recommended are 11×11, 13×13 and 15×15. Properly folded, it can provide a maximum of 16 cleaning sides.

Cleaning cloths generally are taken for granted without much thought given to their type, use, care, cleaning processes, rotation of and budget inclusion.

The most phenomenal, efficient and effective cleaning cloths today are the super and ultra microfiber cloths. They collect more particles of dirt and enhance germ kill more than any other fabric known. Their cost is absorbed by their ability to perform outstandingly; they also do not require the use of chemicals, are environmentally safe and leave behind no chemical residue. A “green” cleaning tool is beneficial to everyone, especially allergy and chemically sensitive individuals.

As a cleaning professional, I have worked with and promoted microfiber technology for nearly 10 years and highly recommend it.

Consider this: A cleaning cloth is to a professional cleaner like a paintbrush is to a professional painter. It is the professional tool of the trade.

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