Seven steps in guest room cleaning

Clean Talk with Rose
By Rose Galera, CEH
Hawaii Hospitality Magazine, Mar/Apr 2012

Hi Rose,
As a reader of your articles, I wish to request your assistance for information you may have developed for a hotel guestroom cleaning process program. This will be for housekeeping operations for a new property my company will be managing.
Thank You, Jessie

Aloha Jessie,
To measure up to today’s performance standards, establishing appropriate cleaning processes is important. The following seven steps in guest room cleaning provides for a dynamic and effective system that will create quality standards and value results. It also will simplify and assist in the training process.

1 – Prepare the Room: update room status; remove food service trays; check lights, lamps, television, drapes and lanai.

2 – Removal of Trash and Soiled Linens: disinfect bathroom surfaces; collect soiled linens and used glasses; collect and remove trash.

3 – Make the Bed: strip soiled linens; prepare clean linens; make the bed and finish with bed cover.

4 – Clean the Bedroom: dust furniture and surfaces; wipe and polish surfaces; replenish or replace room supplies.

5 – Clean the Bathroom: wash, wipe and shine fixtures; replace bath amenities; replace bath linens.

6 – Vacuum Carpets and Floor Surfaces: start from area furthest from door; reset climate control on air conditioning; draw drapes to standard.

7 – Final Inspection Update: take last look and check; turn off lights; secure and lock door.

To further enhance the above program, proper equipments and tools are highly recommended. The microfiber cleaning technology is a best practice program. A color-coded program of cleaning cloths and flat-head mops should be applied to all cleaning tasks; for example, for cleaning cloths: blue – furniture dusting, red – bathroom cleaning and green – rnirror/ glass polishing. The flat-head mop system with an extendable handle and two heads should be used: blue for bathroom cleaning of tub/shower walls and surfaces and green for floor mopping. Add to the above as needed.

Happy Cleaning!
Rose Galera, C.E.H.

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