Developing a Cleaning I&R Library

Clean Talk with Rose
By Rose Galera, CEH
Hawaii Hospitality Magazine, Sept/Oct 2010

Aloha Rose,
Please share smart moves for developing a Cleaning I&R (Information & Referral) Library. I’m new to the profession and need help.

Aloha JR,
The tips below may be helpful.

Building productive I&R files and library:
• Sharpen skills and abilities
* assess your present situation
* build on your strengths and weaknesses
* invest in educational programs
* practice self development

• Plan an educational I&R filing system
* develop a filing system, manual or computerized
* set up information by categories, subject type folders
* file in alpha order, establish working folders
* purge when necessary

• Work toward building a reference library
* maintain a reference list of publishers
* join a book club at a bookstore
* suggest books as gifts from friends and families
* visit the bookstore or Google regularly

• Keep abreast of trends and technology
* subscribe to and read industry magazines
* extract articles and information
* join a professional trade association like I.E.H.A.
* attend seminars and conventions

• Practice creative swiping
* be a copycat
* collect handouts from meetings and workshops
* practice taking notes
* review, read all information gathered

• Put information and ideas to use
* share information with employees and staff members
* develop training programs with information gathered
* believe in the process of ongoing training
* develop and maintain, to motivate, a “story board” bulletin board.

Happy Housekeepers Week! Good Luck, Rose

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