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Clean Talk with Rose
By Rose Galera, CEH
Hawaii Hospitality Magazine, Nov/Dec 2007

Dear Rose,
Faced with staffing challenges today my hotel GM has asked me to look into the possibilities of outsourcing project type work, such as carpet shampooing and annual general cleaning of rooms. What if any information could you share relative to outsourcing strategies?
A Solutions Seeking EH

Dear SSEH,
Cleaning represents 50 percent or more of the operating cost of a hotel, building or facility and is a highly specialized field best performed by professionals able to get the job done as efficiently, effectively and economically as modern technology will allow.

Highly established Contract Cleaning Companies can provide a comprehensive program for both Guest Room Cleaning and Common Area Cleaning in hotels. It can reduce personnel problems and increase cost effectiveness and cost efficiency.

Advantages to outsource / contract cleaning can result in the following:

Experience and expertise in the science and art of cleaning
Experience and expertise in Guest Room Cleaning Services
Provide “Clean-Ethics” and skilled ready work force
Provide for implementation of Safety guidelines
Provide on-going Supervision and Training
Release from Personnel and Payroll problems
Release from burdened/benefit problems
Release from paid lunch breaks, that impacts on payroll cost
Negotiable supplies and equipment Purchasing Process
Enhance Guest Room Cleaning Program and Service.

Selecting a Service Contractor:

Determine and decide on standard of cleaning desired; Prestige (Deluxe); Adequate (Value); Minimal (Limited Service)
Develop Operational/Cleaning Specifications
Determine Term of Contract
Specify Security and Guest Safety Requirements
Assess Management Quality and Depth of Contract Cleaning Company
Assess Technical Strength and Expertise
Define Insurance Requirements
Define Payment Terms; i.e., cost per square feet, cost per room night, cost per project

Consideration of the above can result in a successful outsourcing program for your facility.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

Dear Rose,
Presentation of amenities such as toilet tissue specifically with paper products in guest rooms is a hot topic where I work. Having been in healthcare, and now in hospitality, I noticed the pointed fold in guestrooms and in public restrooms with toilet and facial tissues. What if any tips could you share on the topic at hand? Thank You for your helpful articles.
Polly Ann

Dear Polly Ann,
Presentation of guest room amenities is important and standards are generally established. When you walk in a hotel room and see the bathroom toilet tissues hanging loosely what if any impression would you have? In a public restroom, toilet tissue often has the tendency to hang loosely at various lengths even touching the floor. The same has also been noted in medical centers. For those who represent the profession in the hospitality industry an “over the top” placement with a neat pointed fold of the tissues in a guest bathroom or in a public restroom is not at all strange. A toilet tissue on a holder and set in an “over the top” placement is less likely to hang loosely versus “under the bottom.”

In the hospitality industry that special touch is a caring step that only takes a second. It is a standard that lends to image, aesthetics, cleanliness, orderliness, caring and first impressions.

An over the top “TT” presentation and leaves a pleasant and clean first impression, also sends a message of care, sanitation, service and consistency.

It sends a message that the bathroom/restroom toilet has been cleaned and sanitized.

If the fold is found intact, it might imply that the toilet may not have been used at time of inspection. It may also save on cleaning time.

It is easier to pull the tissue from the top than from the bottom.

Tissue tearing from the top is less likely to occur than from the bottom.

It has also become an expectation of guests when checking into a hotel room.

Avoids cross contamination, as the rolled up side is what touches the body. With all other type amenities shampoos, conditioners, shower caps, etc., keep in mind that simplicity is the best practice and policy. The fancier, complicated or overly detailed presentation adds time to the cleaning process. If you are not a member of the International Executive Housekeepers Association, I suggest you make contact with Ivy Kwok at Outrigger Waikiki Resort or go on the Internet at www.ieha.org. Information such as you have requested is often discussed between members at educational meetings and programs. Good Luck!

Happy Holidays to all Clean Talk Readers.

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