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Clean Talk with Rose
By Rose Galera, CEH
Hawaii Hospitality Magazine, May/June 2011

Hello Rose,
Keeping up with the training of housekeeping frontline and supervisory employees is always a challenge because of the daily workload and limited training time. Please share any easy training ideas you may have.

Aloha Evelyn,
In all types of housekeeping operations where training is often overlooked and/or placed on a lower priority – because of time and cost – creativity is essential. Ongoing training for housekeeping employees is an important motivation booster because of the redundancy of the work performed.

Daily morning training briefings of 15-20 minutes on educational and informative topics is a successful approach to training. Topics can be set and listed under various categories as: cleaning exercises, cleaning technology, safety and security, culture, health and wellness, human relations, legal updates and self development. Consider training also to enhance the learning processes for supervisors and assistants. Topics should apply to daily tasks of the job, customer service and relations, life values and principles, cultural diversity and more. One fun topic is teaching employees “How to Smile” using the English and/or Hawaiian vowels of A, E, I, O, U. The fun and enjoyment is in seeing the various facial expressions.

Develop creative training exercises, games and quizzes on a single sheet of paper that can also add fun, humor and enjoyment to the training process and starting of the work day. Frontline employees and supervisors should be familiar with the many and various interesting topics that will make their jobs and everyday life exciting and rewarding. Consider what I would call the “ASK” training. After all, training on Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge are important for successful results. Follow all briefings/training sessions with ASKing questions.

With each presentation, provide a handout produced from the master copy. A “Topic of the Week” posted on a bulletin board is also recommended. Keep in mind that in giving of information, you will get back results of high morale, motivation and productivity.

Good luck and best wishes for happy training.

Rose Galera

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