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Clean Talk with Rose
By Rose Galera, CEH
Hawaii Hospitality Magazine, Nov/Dec 2012

Hi Rose,
Having worked in hotel housekeeping as a manager for three years, I would like to take cleaning management and technical courses to build on my cleaning knowledge. What training or cleaning school information can you provide?
Valerie TJ

Aloha Valerie,
Mahalo for your inquiry on training. Working in the field of professional cleaning for 50-plus years, I work with a passion to raise the standard and level of cleaning as a science and an art. Education, training and keeping abreast of management and technical trends and technology is essential to meet the challenges and demands of professional cleaning today and tomorrow. Well-trained, effective, resourceful, decisive and knowledgeable personnel contribute to an organization’s growth, viability and profitability, as well as to an employee’s personal growth.

While the International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) can schedule professional education credential program (PECP) certification training and proctored exams when requested, anyone interested in it can go online for the home study program. It consists of 16 modules, five of which cover the management series, while 11 cover the technical series. The IEHA Hawaii chapter also sponsors mini training programs at its bi-monthly membership meetings, with guests who speak on interesting topics related to housekeeping management and technology practices. Membership in IEHA is a great venue and resource for all housekeeping professionals. The association offers training and ongoing global updates on trends and technology in professional housekeeping.

Presently, I am providing consulting and training services for the Professional Cleaning Institute Hawaii (PCIH), developing certified professional cleaning curriculums for frontline, supervisory and management training programs. The institute provides excellent training for anyone wishing to build a future career or business in professional cleaning today. The PCIH program categories are: certified cleaning professional (CCP), certified cleaning specialist (CCS), certified cleaning expert (CCE) and certified cleaning master (CCM). All programs will prepare students for employment in the areas of hospitality, schools, health care, foodservice sanitation, business offices, residential, care homes and retirement facilities cleaning.

For PCIH training schedules you may contact me (information listed below), or visit Best wishes for successful professional growth.

Rose Galera

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