A Clean Talk Song

(To the Tune of the Coca-Cola Song)

I’d like to teach each child to clean
In perfect harmony.
I’d like to see each home aglow

Be spotless and germ free.

I’d like to see that all our homes
Sparkle, gleam and shine
If every child would do his part
We’d shine in record time

To teach each child to clean
Will do us no wrong
So let’s work along
To fulfill this dream

The next thing that we know we’d have
Our homes all spic and span
We’d show our friends and family,
We’re the cleanest in the land

I’ve told you how each child could make
Our homes all shine and glow
If you agree then go and see
How we have made it so.

Let’s sing this cheerful little song
Though funny it may seem
Will help to make our dream of long

To have each child think clean

Refreshed by Rose Galera (Clean Talk for Kids), Dedicated to Hawaii High School Students

Beatitudes of Housekeepers

HAPPY are Housekeepers who have a well-informed progressive Manager, for together, they shall see things accomplished.

HAPPY are Housekeepers who have well-organized and well informed Supervisors for together all shall achieve better results.

HAPPY are Housekeepers who have learned the secret of effective communication with Management, fellow employees, guests and the community for she/he shall find the perfect team approach.

HAPPY are Housekeepers who have a modern and well organized physical plant and equipments, for all shall find their work more enjoyable, effective and productive.

HAPPY are Housekeepers who have a framework of sound policies and procedures within which all will work to give the ultimate in service to guests, for with this, there shall be fewer complaints.

HAPPY are Housekeepers who will have a flexible, work-a-day plan, for all will be ready to meet any emergencies.

HAPPY are Housekeepers who are appreciated, acknowledged and recognized for daily work that is produced for the good of guests, property and self.

HAPPY are Housekeepers who are wished a Blessed and Happy International Housekeepers Week in 2008, for all will be thankful for all that is Good.

Happy Housekeepers Week to All

A Living Rose

As a Living Rose, I’m sometimes misunderstood,
All I want to be and do in life is only what is good,
As a living Rose, I wish only to care and love,
With blessings received from God above.
Unlike the flowered rose with its hurtful thorn
Tender care I’ll show with prayers said each morn,
Unlike the flowered rose that wilts and dies,
With thankfulness in time, I’ll bid my last goodbyes.

Cherish this Living Rose that you know,
A true Friend who will always show,
The best of what and who you are,
Whether with you, near you or afar.
Trust this Living Rose, you’ll never be sorry,
You’ll have no fears and nothing to worry.
For with this special written prose,
Is a promise of a thorn-less,
Caring and Loving, Living Rose.


I’m blessed with the friendship of You,
Of your thoughtful and caring ways too,
I’m blessed with joys of Yesterday,
And the value of knowing you Today.

In the days of all my Tomorrows,
With joys, happiness and sorrows,
You’ll always be a Special Friend
Lasting to Life’s very end.

I’ll always Cherish you in heart,
And so wish now to impart,
Aloha and Mahalo, and also to express
The Lord’s Blessings and Best Wishes,
For Your Peace, Love and Happiness.

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Clean Plus Systems II Consulting & Management Services

puzzleSolutions Oriented Action #5
Clean Plus Systems II Consulting & Management Services

With an Experienced Team of Associates, Clean Plus Systems can be available to provide the following consulting services:
• Re-tune, Re-organize and Re-structure Cleaning Operations
• Contract Account Management Services
• Staffing Determination / Methodology
• Training Assessment and Needs Survey
• Provide On-site Routine and Specialty Training
• Development of Training and Operational Manuals
• Strategies to Selecting Your Outsourcing Service Contracts
• On-site Implementation of a Team Cleaning Program
• Improve Cleaning Processes and Productivity

“Utilizing the power and forces of tomorrow’s systems to reduce costs and maximize safety and cleaning productivity.”

Training, Education and Resource Services

cleanSolutions Oriented Action #4
Training, Education and Resource Services

Education, training and keeping abreast of trends and technology, are essentials to meeting the challenges and demands of Professional Cleaning today and into the 21st century. Well trained, effective, resourceful, decisive and knowledgeable personnel contribute to an organization’s growth, viability and profitability.

Clean Plus Systems workshops will assist employees in reaching their full potential, placing them and the organization at that Leading Edge. Workshops may be custom tailored to an organization’s special needs to include:
• Creative & Results Oriented Training for Management Personnel
• Leading Force & Progressive Cleaning Programs for Frontline Personnel
• Leadership Workshops with Training Manuals for Supervisors.

Clean Plus Systems II Training Workshop and Manuals
• Basics To Professional Cleaning Today
• Guest Room Cleaning For Hotels & Condominiums
• “TECS” The Efficiency Cleaning System (Team Cleaning)
• “WEB” Workloading, Estimating and Bidding
• Clean 101 and Clean 102 for Supervisors
• Mastering Cleaning Management Processes
• Renovation / Construction Cleaning
• Safety & Health Training

Re-Tuning / Re-Organizing In-House Cleaning Operations

Solutions Oriented Action #3
Re-Tuning / Re-Organizing In-House Cleaning Operations

This Management Action Plan has been designed to reinforce and insure the conceptual understanding of the Professional Cleaning Operations and Processes. It will focus on a Cleaning Triad focusing on Administration, Management and Cleaning Technology.

• Operations & Procedures Manual
• Systems of Control
• Workloading / Time To Tasks
• Performance Measurements

• Leadership & Coaching
• Supervisory Assessment
• Training Needs Assessment
• Day to Day Operational / Communication Processes

Cleaning Technology
• Basic Cleaning Systems & Procedures
• Time and Motion Reviews
• Cleaning Standards
• Work Place Safety

Retuning on Guest Room/Condo Cleaning will include processes in:
• Living Room Cleaning
• Kitchen Cleaning
• Bedroom Cleaning
• Bathroom Cleaning
• Bedmaking
• Vacuuming
• Dry & Damp Dusting

Retuning will also include a Room Inspection Process focusing on:
1) An eye for detail
2) Indicators of An Extremely Clean Room
3) Productions Standards, Qualifiers & Disqualifies

Retuning Definition – a process of eliminating the excess labor, supplies, equipment and overhead as well as all potential safety hazards from a job.

“If you can change your thinking, this can change your income.”

“There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” — Victor Hugo

"TECS" – The Efficiency Cleaning System

Solutions Oriented Action #2
“TECS” – The Efficiency Cleaning System
A Teaming Approach to Cleaning

TECS, The Efficiency Cleaning System, is today’s and tomorrow’s revolutionary and innovative cleaning technology. It is a cleaning system that should not be overlooked, for it can substantially reduce labor and equipment costs and impact productivity, quality, service, and integrity.

Organizations must be lean, strategically focused and cost effective to survive in the future. Because of the economic downturn competition is fierce, employees, systems and technologies must perform at higher levels. Team Cleaning represents a most cost effective system in building services and management It is considered to be a key cleaning strategy of the future.

Team Cleaning is a simplified system, requiring less training. TECS differs from the conventional zone or area cleaning, where an individual who works alone is responsible for all of the tasks to be performed. TECS will identify individuals as Image Specialists, who are responsible for specific team tasks and duties within given rooms or area. A cleaning system that promotes teamwork and morale while insures for work accountability.

Advantages of Team Cleaning
• Improves performance, productivity and quality.
• Requires fewer equipments & Supplies.
• Reduces cleaning time with faster turn-around time.
• Requires less to no Supervision time. Team empowerment.
• Reduces project cleaning requirements.
• Training less complicated. Focuses on CLONE Training.
• Allows for flexibility in scheduling of work.
• Increases safety and security for all, client and workers.
• Improves the IAQ – indoor air quality.
While the cleaning concept of Team Cleaning offers numerous opportunities and benefits, it will require definite understanding, acceptance, commitment and a CHANGE in philosophy by all who will be involved with the system’s process.

“Be a quick change agent … Learn new cleaning technologies and develop new work habits for a radically changing world.” — Price Pritchett

Performance Based Outsourcing

Solutions Oriented Action #1
Performance Based Outsourcing Cleaning Strategies

Advantages to Outsource / Contract Cleaning
• Experience and expertise in the science and art of cleaning
• Experience and expertise in Guest Room Cleaning Services
• Provide “Clean-Ethics” and skilled ready work force
• Provide for implementation of Safety guidelines
• Provide on-going Supervision and Training
• Release from Personnel and Payroll problems
• Release from burdened / benefit problems
• Release from paid lunch breaks, that impacts on payroll cost
• Negotiable supplies and equipment Purchasing Process
• Enhance Guest Room Cleaning Program and Service.

Performance Based Outsource Cleaning Programs
• Outsourcing of Cleaning Management Team
• Outsourcing of Front Line Personnel – Guest Room Cleaning
• Outsourcing of Front Line Personnel – Common Area Cleaning
• Outsourcing for Specialized and Project Cleaning

Results-Oriented Outsource Cleaning Systems
• Traditional Zone/Area Cleaning System
• Team Cleaning System
• Limited Cleaning / Check-Out Cleaning
• Early Cleaning Services – Guest Rooms
• Day Cleaning – Commercial Offices

Outsource Cleaning Enhancement Tools
• Results Oriented Vacuuming Systems
• Dual Cart Efficiency System
• Micro-Fiber Cloths and Flat Mop Cleaning Systems

Outsource Cleaning Production Measurement Process
• Cost per square feet
• Cost per occupied room
• Cost per piece or unit

The “Winds of Change” brings forth a newer and wider cleaning vision, new initiatives and strategies for hospitality housekeeping operations, to meet the changing and storming times ahead.

Contact Clean Plus Systems II to reduce your cleaning costs and to answer the question: “Why ‘Performance Based Outsourcing?'”