Training, Education and Resource Services

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Training, Education and Resource Services

Education, training and keeping abreast of trends and technology, are essentials to meeting the challenges and demands of Professional Cleaning today and into the 21st century. Well trained, effective, resourceful, decisive and knowledgeable personnel contribute to an organization’s growth, viability and profitability.

Clean Plus Systems workshops will assist employees in reaching their full potential, placing them and the organization at that Leading Edge. Workshops may be custom tailored to an organization’s special needs to include:
• Creative & Results Oriented Training for Management Personnel
• Leading Force & Progressive Cleaning Programs for Frontline Personnel
• Leadership Workshops with Training Manuals for Supervisors.

Clean Plus Systems II Training Workshop and Manuals
• Basics To Professional Cleaning Today
• Guest Room Cleaning For Hotels & Condominiums
• “TECS” The Efficiency Cleaning System (Team Cleaning)
• “WEB” Workloading, Estimating and Bidding
• Clean 101 and Clean 102 for Supervisors
• Mastering Cleaning Management Processes
• Renovation / Construction Cleaning
• Safety & Health Training

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