Re-Tuning / Re-Organizing In-House Cleaning Operations

Solutions Oriented Action #3
Re-Tuning / Re-Organizing In-House Cleaning Operations

This Management Action Plan has been designed to reinforce and insure the conceptual understanding of the Professional Cleaning Operations and Processes. It will focus on a Cleaning Triad focusing on Administration, Management and Cleaning Technology.

• Operations & Procedures Manual
• Systems of Control
• Workloading / Time To Tasks
• Performance Measurements

• Leadership & Coaching
• Supervisory Assessment
• Training Needs Assessment
• Day to Day Operational / Communication Processes

Cleaning Technology
• Basic Cleaning Systems & Procedures
• Time and Motion Reviews
• Cleaning Standards
• Work Place Safety

Retuning on Guest Room/Condo Cleaning will include processes in:
• Living Room Cleaning
• Kitchen Cleaning
• Bedroom Cleaning
• Bathroom Cleaning
• Bedmaking
• Vacuuming
• Dry & Damp Dusting

Retuning will also include a Room Inspection Process focusing on:
1) An eye for detail
2) Indicators of An Extremely Clean Room
3) Productions Standards, Qualifiers & Disqualifies

Retuning Definition – a process of eliminating the excess labor, supplies, equipment and overhead as well as all potential safety hazards from a job.

“If you can change your thinking, this can change your income.”

“There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” — Victor Hugo

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