Performance Based Outsourcing

Solutions Oriented Action #1
Performance Based Outsourcing Cleaning Strategies

Advantages to Outsource / Contract Cleaning
• Experience and expertise in the science and art of cleaning
• Experience and expertise in Guest Room Cleaning Services
• Provide “Clean-Ethics” and skilled ready work force
• Provide for implementation of Safety guidelines
• Provide on-going Supervision and Training
• Release from Personnel and Payroll problems
• Release from burdened / benefit problems
• Release from paid lunch breaks, that impacts on payroll cost
• Negotiable supplies and equipment Purchasing Process
• Enhance Guest Room Cleaning Program and Service.

Performance Based Outsource Cleaning Programs
• Outsourcing of Cleaning Management Team
• Outsourcing of Front Line Personnel – Guest Room Cleaning
• Outsourcing of Front Line Personnel – Common Area Cleaning
• Outsourcing for Specialized and Project Cleaning

Results-Oriented Outsource Cleaning Systems
• Traditional Zone/Area Cleaning System
• Team Cleaning System
• Limited Cleaning / Check-Out Cleaning
• Early Cleaning Services – Guest Rooms
• Day Cleaning – Commercial Offices

Outsource Cleaning Enhancement Tools
• Results Oriented Vacuuming Systems
• Dual Cart Efficiency System
• Micro-Fiber Cloths and Flat Mop Cleaning Systems

Outsource Cleaning Production Measurement Process
• Cost per square feet
• Cost per occupied room
• Cost per piece or unit

The “Winds of Change” brings forth a newer and wider cleaning vision, new initiatives and strategies for hospitality housekeeping operations, to meet the changing and storming times ahead.

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