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Clean Talk with Rose
By Rose Galera, CEH
Hawaii Hospitality Magazine, Mar/Apr 2010

Aloha Rose,
Please provide information on why and how one may become certified as an executive housekeeper. I am interested and considering pursuing this status.
Mahalo, VM

Aloha VM,
Your interest in wanting to pursue certification in the field of institutional housekeeping is commendable. As one who has been in the profession for more than 40 years and certified for 32 years, career and professional benefits and rewards received are results of certification. It must be a definite goal for all in professional cleaning management today and a highly recommended employment requirement by businesses.

Education is a top priority at the International Executive Housekeepers Association, Inc. (IEHA). Two special designations offered by IEHA are REH and CEH. When attained they are definite milestones of achievement in the profession of “Cleaning for Health.”

The status of CEH, certified executive housekeeper, and REH, registered executive housekeeper, can be attained through self study and/or group class study programs.

The program consists of management, technical and administrative skills. Each study module is designed to maximize learning. Each module has a review study exam to complete. Grading is done by the IEHA.

IEHA will provide all resource materials including the final exam. There are two series: the “Managing for Effect Series” and the “Technical and Administrative Series.” Cost for the full program includes a one-year IEHA membership for nonmembers and discounts for members.

For additional information on the IEHA certification programs and classes, you may call me at (808) 944-8255 or e-mail

Mahalo, Rose Galera, CEH

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